Keep Furnace Vents Clear of Snow

Keeping Furnace Vents Clear of Snow Keeps the Heat Running and Prevents Carbon Monoxide poisoning

Slife Heating & Cooling wants to remind residents to keep their furnace vents, intake valves, and chimneys free of snow and ice to keep the heat on and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

“With the large amount of snow that fell over the past two days, we have received numerous no-heat calls from customers,” says Dave Slife. “Snow has piled up and blocked many chimneys, which causes furnace pilot lights to go out.”

Homeowners with high-efficiency furnaces should make sure their fresh air intake pipes are free of snow. They’re usually white plastic pipes that come out of the side of a home. Another thing to be aware of is a blocked chimney, intake pipe or exhaust vent could result in carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure that you also have a working carbon monoxide detector in your residence.

If you suspect a problem, you should immediately open your doors and windows and leave the building. If you experience symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning — which include headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, and stinging or burning eyes — call 911 for help.

If you have no heat, please contact us and one of our experienced technicians will come our 24 hours/7 days a week to get you up and running again!

Stay warm and safe!