90% Efficiency

Slife HVAC Boiler

Lennox – GWB9

High-efficiency, gas-fired water boiler

The GWB9-IH boiler offers an AFUE rating of 90%, which means it converts a full 90% of your fuel into usable heat. And it delivers warmth quickly with a cast-aluminum heat exchanger that transfers heat three times faster than conventional cast iron.

Slife HVAC Boilers

Lennox – GWM

High-efficiency, gas-modulating condensing water boiler

Designed to maximize fuel savings, the GWM-IE boiler delivers up to 40% greater efficiency than conventional boilers. Its burner matches heating output to household demand, using only the energy necessary to keep you comfortable.

Dunkirk Q 90

Dunkirk Q 90

Condensing Gas Boiler

The Q90 Series 4 condensing gas boiler offers a 90% AFUE rating in a small compact design ideal for low clearance/limited space applications. It features a high efficiency cast aluminum heat exchanger with low pressure drop, hot surface ignition (HSI) boiler control and a Hydrolevel combination high limit/low water cutoff control with a boiler water temperature reset feature. A stainless steel premix burner provides corrosion resistance and longevity.

The Q90 is a sealed combustion boiler that is approved for polypropylene venting and includes an induced draft blower with adjustable exhaust (front, right side or rear).

Weil McLain Ultra

Weil-McLain – Ultra

Gas fired water boiler

  • Gas fired water boiler with cast aluminum heat exchanger

  • Venturi mixing body mixes air and gas providing higher efficiency

  • Designed to operate in low temperature condensing applications

  • Outdoor reset and domestic hot water priority standard

  • Negative regulated gas valve precisely delivers gas to the boiler

  • U-Control gives you the power for easy set-up and maintenance

  • Modulates with 5 to 1 turn-down ratio

  • Variable speed motor matches combustion output to heating needs

  • High grade stainless steel burner features quiet operation, high efficiency, and cleaner combustion for low NOx applications

80% (Water)

Lennox- GWB8- IE

Lennox – GWB8 – IE

Standard-efficiency, gas-fired water boiler

The GWB8-IE boiler is full of features that provide years of heating benefits, including a cast-iron heat exchanger and titanium burners. With efficiency ratings of up to 84.4%, the GWB8-IE can also deliver significant energy savings, compared to an older boiler.

Weil-McLain - CGa

Weil-McLain – CGa

High-Efficiency Cast Iron Boiler

  • Natural draft, silent operation
  • Compact design saves valuable living space
  • Now with built-in low water cut off functionality
  • Stainless steel burners for quieter ignition, longer life, and improved combustion
  • Gas fired water boiler with cast iron sections
  • Easily accessible controls, vertical flueways and top cleaning for easy and quick servicing
  • 84% AFUE

    80% (Steam)

    Lennox GSB8- E

    Lennox-GSB8- E

    Standard-efficiency, gas-fired steam boiler

    Built with high-quality materials, including titanium burners and a cast iron heat exchanger, the GSB8-E boiler quietly and efficiently supplies your home with cozy, comfortable warmth.

    Weil-McLain EG

    Weil-McLain – EG

    Gas-fired steam boiler

    • Comes with automatic vent damper for higher efficiencies and reduced fuel consumption
    • Easy access to controls for convenient servicing
    • Configured for Natural Gas, intermittent electronic ignition only
    • A versatile gas cast iron boiler for water or steam applications
    • Cast iron heat exchanger
    • Up to 84% AFUE