90% Efficiency

Lennox SLP98
Dave Lennox Signature Collection

Lennox – SLP99

Not only is the SLP99V gas furnace part of the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection, it’s part of the Ultimate Comfort System™. Which combines the best of everything Lennox has to offer to create an unprecedented whole-home comfort system that seamlessly and intelligently works together to stay finely tuned to your home and deliver consistently clean, perfect air.
Product Specifications

Lennox SL280NV
Dave Lennox Signature Collection

Lennox – SL280NV


Two-stage operation for more balanced temperatures

A step up from single-stage furnaces because its gas valve offers an additional lower setting. Most of the time the unit will meet heating needs at its lower stage, resulting in balanced and consistent temperatures with lower energy use. Should the low heat setting not heat the space quickly enough, the furnace will switch to the high setting. This ability to switch between the two settings offers greater comfort and efficiency.
Product Specifications

Lennox EL 296

Elite® series

Lennox – EL297V  Gas Furnace

High-efficiency, digital, two-stage, variable-speed gas furnace
While most furnaces are single-stage, meaning they’re either on or off, this furnace can heat at two different speeds. Most of the time the unit will meet heating needs at its lower speed, resulting in balanced and consistent temperatures with lower energy use.   Product Specifications

High-efficiency, variable-speed gas furnace
Two stages of heat, a smart choice all around. While most furnaces are either off or on, the EL296V can create heat at two different levels. This allows it to find a smart balance between energy use and comfortable warmth.
Product Specifications

Two-stage furnace with Power Saver™ technology
Conventional furnaces are either off or on. But the EL296E can output heat at two different intensities, allowing it to fine-tune your comfort and your energy use in perfect balance. By operating at its lower speed, air spends more time in contact with the outside coil, the cooling engine of your air-conditioning unit. This helps reduce moisture levels inside your home to enhance your comfort.
Product Specifications 


Merit ® series

Lennox – ML296V 

A variable-speed gas furnace that heats the home evenly and efficiently
At every turn, the ML296V gas furnace is designed to be the most energy-efficient furnace in its class. A variable-speed fan keeps temperature swings to a bare minimum. Two-stage heating saves gas by adjusting the flame size based on demand.
Product Specifications


Lennox ML195

Merit ® series

Lennox – ML196

Single-stage, 96% fuel-efficient gas furnace with Power Saver™ constant-torque motor design
The Power Saver™ constant-torque motor design uses less energy in both heating and cooling modes, helping you save on utility bills. Flexible airflow based on a home’s ductwork makes this furnace 33% more efficient than older furnaces, while also delivering high gas efficiency with the 96% AFUE.
Product Specifications

80% Efficiency

Lennox EL280

Elite ® Series

Lennox  EL280E

Two-stage gas furnace with constant-torque motor design for even temperatures

Save money and energy with the EL280E gas furnace. The Power Saver™ constant-torque motor design inside the EL280E gas furnace adjusts airspeed based on demand. Whether you’re heating or cooling, that means you’ll use less energy and see lower utility bills.

 Up to 46% greater efficiency than standard motors.

Product Specifications

Lennox ML180

Merit ® Series

Lennox  ML180V

Single-stage, 80% fuel-efficient gas furnace with variable-speed fan motor

An energy-efficient design means this furnace keeps your home comfortable and saves on monthly utility bills. Plus, when paired with a programmable thermostat, you could save up to 35% in utility costs.
Product Specifications

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